"No bad idea is a good idea"

Here at Heyo we put in the work to run through every possibility, from the outlandish to the practical. We strive to bring you fresh perspective and unique, one-of-a-kind marketing and design.

values we cherish

Heyo is a full service creative company, here to provide you with incredible design and master marketing. We have the experience and skills to create ideas that will get people talking and stalking (stalking your work...we are very much anti-stalking people).

Stay Cool

At heyo staying cool means keeping it original. There are no limitations to the creativity we can bring to you and your needs.

Stay Weird

Staying weird is our way of staying creative. We may be some silly geese at times, but we will always value the creative juices that get flowin' from our playful antics.

Stay real

We aren't here to bullshit our clients. You can trust that at Heyo We won't sugar coat and we will commit to your brand's success–because it's our success too.

keep innovating

At Heyo you know you are getting hot and fresh strategy delivered straight to you. there are no limitations.

Meet the CREW!


Owner | Badass | Cow Enthusiast

Lucas THUL

Owner | Electrifying | Poor Whistler


CBC (Chief Ball Chaser) | Pretty Cute | Not Really German


CSI (Chief Squirrel Intimidator) | Happy Boy | Scared Of Bugs